Some of Our Favorite Sips in OKC 

The Merret

One of the newest hot posts here in OKC is The Merret, and it's easy to know why. 

The second you walk in, you're greeted with great service and a relaxed, velvet filled environment. While it leans heavily on the champagne and wine list, the curated cocktails are as good as they look. 

Try them out if you're looking for a new place to call your spot. 

Pictured: The Alter Ego
What To Try: Champbongs!

Check out their menu -> The Merret 

R & J Lounge & Supper Club

The 60's called, and they say you're doing it right. 

R & J is a great go-to spot for a chill evening brought to you by quality drinks, and amazing food from Chef Russ Johnson. 

Weather it's going outside to enjoy sunshine, posting yourself up at the bar, or wandering upstairs to the lounge; you're bound to find this place added to your list of hotspots! 

Check out their menu -> R & J Lounge & Supper Club

Good Times

Looking for a patio to sit, and have a drink on? Then look no further. 

Enter through an old refrigerator door, and step into a good time. (see what we did there?)
When you go to order a drink, make sure to ask for a board game or deck of cards to get a good game going with your table of friends. Maybe bring a permanent marker to add your own quotes to the bathroom walls. Whatever you do, do it with a drink in hand. 

Check out their Instagram

If you end up going to any of these local hotspots this weekend, take a picture and tag us in your post to let us know how you like it!  

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