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Top Ten Ideas for Better Spring Cleaning


Top Ten Ideas for Better Spring Cleaning

Sarah Bytyqi

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Oct 28 3 minutes read

10. Make A List

Walk around the house indoors and out. Write down all areas that will need to be inspected, cleaned or fixed. After you have a good list, start to prioritize the list for the most important items.

9. Set A Schedule

Now that your list is complete and you know the most important items on that list, set a schedule. Make sure you do this by task and not by location. For example, there will be some areas where multiple items will need to be inspected.

8. Prepare Your Cleaning Tools

Take out all of the cleaning solutions and the tools you use to clean with. You want to make sure that each task has the materials you need to inspect and clean. If you are missing some, make another list and go shopping.


7. Declutter

It is likely that you have accumulated new items over the holidays. Sometimes that means old items in your house will no longer be used. Go through all nooks and crannies. Find the items that you haven’t needed or used in the last couple of years.

6. Toss Out Expired Products

While you are decluttering, check all expired cleaners, foods, medicines, and functional parts that exist to make your home work. If they are expired, recycle or throw them away.

5. Inspect Roof And AC Unit

Spring cleaning is not just for the interior of your home. You will need to clean gutters, inspect the roof and update your AC unit so that during a hot summer, you know it will not fail.


4. Start With High Traffic Rooms

Keep in mind when you are scheduling your tasks, make sure you start in rooms that are used on a daily basis. Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. There will likely be more clutter in these areas and will need the deepest of cleans.

3. Clean Ceilings And Walls First

If you are like most people you likely forget to dust off ceiling lights and fans. Always clean these off first. This way you do not have to clean an area all over again.

2. Give Your Family Members A Job

Don’t go at this alone. Give your family members a schedule and a list of tasks to accomplish. Not only is this good for you, it helps teach everyone a new skill around the house.

1. Start Early

The earlier you start, the more ready you will be when Spring hits. This will leave you more time for the garden and yard when it starts to bloom.


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