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Top Ten Home Trends for 2019


Top Ten Home Trends for 2019

Sarah Bytyqi

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Jan 24 3 minutes read

With every new year comes new design trends. And while there definitely won’t be an all-out change from the home design trends we saw in 2018, there will be a few subtle shifts for 2019. Take a look and let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you think!

1. Functional minimalism.

Gone are the days are knickknacks just for the sake of it. We’re seeing a consistent tendency toward functional, tidy spaces without tons of clutter, and we think it’ll stay that way all  through 2019.

2. Bolder walls and colorful cabinets.

While neutrals are here to stay for the foreseeable future, people are more and more willing to incorporate bold, rich accent colors (like deep blues and forest greens) on their walls and cabinets.

3. Floral wallpaper. 

Wallpaper’s been back in for a while now, but florals are quickly taking over the trend. We see this gaining popularity and accessibility in 2019.

4.  Colorful art. 

Abstract and neutral art has been the go-to for years, but many design authorities are predicting a strong pendulum swing toward brighter, bolder art. Our next Art Show at the Verbode office is coming soon, so stay tuned for an opportunity to support local artists and get on the colorful art trend!

5. Organic materials.

With our increasingly technology-driven lives, people are gravitating toward natural  and organic materials that keep us in touch with nature: think linen, cotton, rattan and more.

6. Considering nature.

On that same note, architects, designers and artists are more intentionally considering how to bring nature into our living spaces. Expect to see even bigger windows and glass walls, skylights and flexible indoor/outdoor rooms.

7. Integrated appliances.

The pull toward minimalism has many homeowners seeking out appliances that are integrated as seamless parts of the kitchen. Particularly in more modern homes, you’ll see more appliance garages, hidden refrigerators and more.

8. Waterfall countertops.

The clean, unbroken lines of waterfall countertops create the perfect amount of visual flow and make a kitchen feel put-together. Look for even more of this in 2019.

9. Living Coral / Nightwatch Green.

Pantone’s color of the year is Living Coral, and Hunter Green (sometimes called “Nightwatch Green”) is also having its day in the sun. We’re loving both of these fresh, nature-inspired shades.

10. Soaking tubs.

The soaking tub and rain shower combination is a favorite in many luxury homes, but this trend is becoming more and more approachable. We predict the proliferation of spa-style soaking tubs in 2019.

Of course, there’s no wrong way to design your home, as long as it meets your needs and captures what you love. Which of these home trends are you ready to incorporate this year?

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