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Sarah Bytyqi

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Oct 10 6 minutes read

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One of our favorite movements in Oklahoma City right now, are all the new public art murals popping up all over town. OKC has always loved art and the artists who live here, but it has now become a mural happy atmosphere.

You can’t bring up public art murals without the name Bob Palmer. His work is all over Oklahoma. With help from his students and friends he has created a history book on city walls. The most notable in the urban core is likely the train near Santa Fe Station. Through the years new famous Oklahoma passengers have been added. Thanks to him we now have many young artists with mural experience.

This list will not be all Bob Palmer, but it will showcase some of the newest murals in the urban core. These are the ten murals that stand out and are in no particular order:

10. The Womb on 9th St. – Maya Hayuk
In 2011 The Flaming Lips decided to purchase a building on 9th St. in Automobile Alley to create a new art gallery. In order to catch everyone’s eye, they commissioned Maya  Hayuk a Brooklyn based artist who has painted many buildings in walls around the world. The result was a bright colored party for the eyes.

9. 1219 Creative on Classen Blvd. – Yatika Fields
“Commissioned by J.B. Askins of Abraham’s Bail Bonds and Rick and Tracy Bewley of Art Fusion Studios and Robbie Kienzle, Arts and Cultural Affairs Liaison at the City of Oklahoma City and members of the Oklahoma City Arts Commission, facilitated the approval process for the short time period Fields was available to create the mural. The artwork is a long-term installation, with a potential 10 year lifespan, depending on the harsh Oklahoma weather. The mural is located in a public space, and is intended to be shared with neighbors and the general public.” 1219 Creative

8. Western Ave. Murals – Amanda Bradway, Lauren Miller, Erin Cooper, Bob Palmer, Jason Pawley, Julie “Jurri” Robertson, Lisa Quisenberry, Jerrod Smith, Phillip Danner and Aaron Cahill
Western Avenue came together and reached out to local artists to add large art murals on several business walls. They wanted to depict a celebration of life and asked locals to vote for their favorite mural.

7. 9th Street Braid – Kris Kanaly, Dylan Bradway and Yatika Fields.
With help from Downtown OKC and Mason Realty, a call to artists was sent out and the board chose three local artists who have helped the local art scene. “The braid symbolizes Oklahoma City’s diversity where cultures are mixed together creating a unique experience. In our braid, each artist explored total creative freedom, unhindered by any theme, thus celebrating imagination and the connectivity through collaboration.” – Dowtown OKC

6. DNA Galleries – Dylan & Amanda Bradway
As Plaza District vets, Dylan and Amanda started and continue to cultivate the art scene in the district. On many walls in the Plaza you might see their work and not even know it. Below is the second mural on this wall the Husband & Wife team has created.

5. Bricktown Underpass “Cultivation” –  Jason Pawley
You could say that Jason Pawley has been cultivating art his entire life. What better way to make a cold bland underpass into a field of color and warmth. With a grant from Downtown OKC, Pawley has made most drivers detour to take a look that this grand mural.

4. Silo Art Project “This Land” – Rick Sinnett
What is by far the largest most ambitious mural we have seen in OKC, Rick Sinnett made it look easy while dangling from atop of Rocktown. With help from donations and fellow artists this giant mural is going to been seen by millions.

3. Empire Slice House, “I Love You” – Dusty Gilpin
Now basically covered up by the love of pizza, no hard feelings Empire Slice, this mural was the only way Dusty Gilpin knew how to propose to his now Wife. Then the “Plaza Mom” Kristen Vails Gilpin was probably one of the hardest working people this city has seen. So what better way to profess his love than to paint it real big on a building she saw everyday. Even though the mural is hidden, it remains online as a viral photo circulating over and over in order for others to profess their love.

2. Saints on the Plaza – Dylan Bradway, Tanner Frady and Dusty Gilpin
After an older mural started to fade away, it was time to give it a fresh look. If you look at it long enough you can see the message in graffiti form that pays homage to the humble beginnings of three great graffiti artists.

1. Plaza Alley Walls – Kris Kanaly, Erin Cooper, Elisha Gallegos, Tanner Frady, Ashley Smith, Dylan Bradway, Cassie Stover, Holey Kids and many many more!
Not everyone wants to go down an alleyway. They can be scary and not the safest places on earth, but this alley is changing all that. With help from so many local artists and business owners, these walls will constantly change and evolve. There are already so many wonderful works on display. You can start your alley museum stroll by Dig It.

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