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Sarah Bytyqi
Oct 10 6 minutes read


At Verbode we have our own kitchen equipped with an amazing coffee machine. If it is your first time at Verbode, you are more than likely going to be treated to a Sarah Special. Sarah Bytyqi makes one of the most devilishly delicious coffee’s in downtown OKC.

When we aren’t making our own coffee, these are the coffee shops we recommend in the Urban Core. We love all of them and they all have their own style. So there is not a best on this list. So try them all.

Beatnix Cafe – When you arrive through the front door you are always greeted with a smile and if you are a regular, you might just hear your name called. This is for the simple black coffee type of person. Someone who likes a lil cream, a lil sugar. You should always order food with your coffee. There is so much to choose from and it seems all of it is delicious. Do not just go here once. Return and try the whole menu.

Vintage Coffee – Perfectly located on Western Ave. where it only takes a short walk from Brookhaven, Douglas and Crown Heights neighborhoods. Nestled in the basement of an old church, this welcoming little coffee shop has local art work on the walls, reading rooms and many different coffees to choose from. We suggest a Smooffee, a fro-yo slash expresso smoothie drink. Add a little flavor to make for a delicious pick me up!

Leaf & Bean – If you need to describe the location in order for people to find it, just tell them it is the pretty little building in a giant parking lot. David among Goliaths, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, Leaf & Bean is a perfect spot for those who need well made coffee or tea in a small amount of time. Although there is no indoor area, they set up a nice seating area out front for those who want to sit and enjoy local brew. If they have cookies on the menu the day you go, it is okay to have one even if you are on a diet. We all need a sugar fix now and then.

Lobby Bar – Western Ave. seems to have exactly what you need at anytime of day. Lobby Bar is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a hot toddy late night. A cozy mix of cocktail and coffee bar, you should try going at all hours of the day and pick your favorite time to be there. If you commute to work this way try the Grab & Go Breakfast. $5 Mon-Fri, From 7-11 a.m.

Coffee + Your Choice of Daily Pastry,Egg Sandwich, Frittata or Quiche. It will make a great start to your busy day.

District House – The Coffee Shop in the Plaza District, which basically completed the reason why some people spend their entire day in the Plaza. It has grown into a full on cafe with free wifi and great art. Their sandwiches are delicious with a perfectly portioned side. If you are looking for a quiet place to get work done, this is your new office space. The staff is so helpful and kind it is hard to leave.

Cuppies & Joe – If you miss going to your Grandparents house for sweets and comfy vintage furniture, you can always hang out at Cuppies & Joe. Family owned and operated in a small vintage home. It is a great place to bring the entire family young and old. There are so many treats to choose from you will end up craving your next visit. Any cupcake expert knows you have to have a red velvet to be a pro, so you must try the Sass-a-frass.

The Red Cup – Artists, Professors, students and creatives of all kind have made The Red Cup their home away from home. Indoor a home filled with tribute art. Garden with seating next to the sounds of water and birds. A patio filled with stories from some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. It is also a safe place for vegetarians with a great meatless menu. If you are having a tough time waking up, we recommend a Sexi-Mexi expresso and some “Cin”Ful toast.

Coffee Slingers – This is the one place a coffee snob can be a coffee snob. Attention to every detail is labored over at Slingers. You can tell how much they love coffee by the rich full taste that comes from all their brews. The must have is a large bottle of Cold Brew, that the regulars call Adventure Juice. It is full of flavor and can keep you going all day long. This is not a place for someone in a hurry, but it is a place for someone who wants to take their time enjoying their coffee.

Cafe Kacao – It is on our list for everyone, to brunch at Kacao before you die. Run with love by the Del Cid family, they bring their style of Latin Cuisine and Coffee. The taste is inspired by Guatemala and most of the recipes were perfected generations ago. Everything they serve is fresh and full of flavor. You will have to wait in line, but we recommend you do. No matter the wait, it is worth it. If you can’t wait in line and you work downtown, never fear this family opened a new shop in the Metropolitan Library downtown called Cafe Condesa. You are sure to find a new favorite there.

Elemental Coffee Roasters – This ever evolving coffee shop is the go to meeting place for most downtown creatives and business professionals. With a something new to try on the menu everyday, the food is always a pleasing surprise. The only thing that would make this coffee shop better, if you could have their coffee in beer form. If you are in the know, then that will make you laugh, because Elemental is working with Black Mesa Brewing to make a one of a kind Coffee Stout Beer. Los Naranjos is on it’s way soon for everyone to drink and be merry!

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