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Reviews: Sunnyside Diner


Reviews: Sunnyside Diner

Sarah Bytyqi

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Sarah is a Texas born, Oklahoma City-based real estate broker. She is the owner and founder of Verbode...

Oct 22 4 minutes read

Photo from TripAdvisor

Rule number one for any new diner: The classic breakfast plates have to be done right! All diners should be held to a high standard when eggs, bacon, and pancakes are involved. Sunnyside Diner not only did the classic plate right, they enlarged it and gave it an aggressive name.

The “Hangry Man” includes:
Two large classic pancakes served with two Sunnyside eggs, hash browns, and two strips of bacon or sausage!

“The Meal Is Not Over When I’m Full. The Meal Is Over When I Hate Myself” – Louis C.K.

Served on an over-sized plate that might as well be called a platter, the Hangry Man is a large amount of food. In order to do the meal justice, I will now use mouth watering words. One must first reach for the syrup and bathe the two large pancakes. Two large fluffy circles of flavor hold on to the syrup until entering your mouth. Flavor is then burst across your taste buds and this is the moment you realize there is so much more food to taste. The hash browns are crispy caramel on the outside and soft mash on the inside. The bacon is some how well cooked yet melts in your mouth. The eggs steal the spot light by being very close to perfect.

This can be consumed much easier with a cup of coffee and a tall glass of ice water. Regardless if you can finish the entire plate or not, you will end your meal satisfied. All this praise for taste and there is so much more to Sunnyside Diner that you notice after you come down from your breakfast high.

The three most important things I noticed that had nothing to do with the food: sight, service and seating. Sight refers to the many small details they use to make this diner a very comfortable place to be. Large front windows that allow for natural light to flood the whole diner. A lite sprinkling of tradition with cooking antiques that were put there by the very people who serve you. It makes you feel like Grandma is in the kitchen making you pancakes. The East wall is beautifully painted with a sunrise of the city in warm colors of yellow, orange and pink. All of these small details are taken in by your sight in order to help your other senses.

Service at diners can be either amazing or horrible. When you sit at the front bar in view of the cooks, you start to notice how clean it is at Sunnyside. Sure, they just opened it is going to be very clean. That being said, every time I looked up someone was working on cleaning off a surface and making sure the next to arrive had the same clean table as the last. One of the most amazing parts of their service, the wait staff. Think apple store customer service with the personality of your favorite bartender. The wait staff is very capable of keeping a great conversation while also making sure your order is correct. One reason could be their mobile point of sale that sends your order directly to the kitchen staff while the wait staff is still standing at your table.

Seating is in abundance whether it be at the bar, booth or tabletop. Even with a large amount of spots, the area is not cramped at all. It was very easy to walk right in and find a spot leaving more time for my breakfast decisions. All in all the First Impression of Sunnyside Diner was a great one. It needs many more impressions so I can try more of that delicious food!

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